Safety Forum Session- Blind Spots: What’s Missing in Your Health, Safety, Security and Risk Management Strategy?

Blind Spots: What’s Missing in Your Health, Safety, Security and Risk Management Strategy?

Updated 2.13.2013

Presenters: Captain Rick Miller, Faculty, Department of Marine Transportation, Maine  Maritime  Academy 
                        Bill Frederick, Founder & Director, Lodestone Safety International

(click here for the presentation)

Session Description:

Sailing program safety efforts usually focus upon the most directly apparent hazards, i.e., keeping the vessel safe and everyone in it. However, most serious incidents are the result of a cascade of relatively mundane events, many of which are only indirectly related to sail operations. Some events find contributing cause in the economic pressures of last minute staffing, deferred maintenance and alternative use of vessels. Some events may be prevented or have a better outcome with more completely developed systems for student screening, information acquisition and dissemination, incident reporting, medical oversight and emergency response and crisis management. How many programs have risk management plans for ports of call or for emerging mental health issues? This presentation and discussion will survey the landscape of what needs to be considered for comprehensive health, safety, security and risk management.

 Biography of Speakers:

Captain Rick Miller

Captain Rick Miller
Captain Rick Miller

Assistant Professor of Marine Transportation; Captain, Schooner Bowdoin; Captain/Chief Mate, Sea Education Assoc. SSV Robert Seamans & SSV Corwith Cramer; Faculty Training Officer, Barque Elissa; Captain/Chief Mate, Ocean Classroom Foundation; Captain/Port Captain, World Ocean School; Director of Sea Programs, Hurricane Island Outward Bound School; Relief Captain/Mate, Penobscot Bay Pilot Boat; Yacht Delivery; Commercial Fishing

 Bill Frederick

Bill Frederick
Bill Frederick

Bill Frederick is the founder and director of Lodestone Safety International providing training and program development for educational and service organizations operating overseas. Prior to that he was the Director of Safety at The School for Field Studies (SFS) for eight years. He has served as project leader for the Forum on Education Abroad’s pilot incident database and as co chair for the inaugural Forum Standards Institute: Beyond the Basics of Health, Safety and Security. He has led numerous international safety reviews and served for 16 years with Outward Bound. As a senior instructor and faculty committee member for Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA), he has taught emergency medicine to educators, rescue teams and international service organizations in over a dozen countries and designed WMA’s Travel Medicine First Aid course. He holds a B.A in Psychology from the University of Colorado, an M.Ed from Harvard University and a Certificate of Travel Health (CTH) from the International Society of Travel Medicine


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