Focus Session: Next-Gen Sponsorship Packages: Expanding your offer beyond the basics.

Next-Gen Sponsorship Packages: Expanding your offer beyond the basics (IEG Webinar)

Updated 2.20.2013

Presenter: Patricia Lock, TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Director
                      Craig Samborski, Draw Events

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Session Description:

In today’s competitive sales environment, event producers need to go beyond tickets, signage and other standard sponsorship inventory to meet the needs of potential partners.  As an event producer, how do you add value to your sponsorship offers? What do you need to do to capture the interest of potential partners?

What this Webinar will teach you: 10 field-tested ways to enhance the value of your sponsorship offer and gain a point of differentiation from other sponsorship sellers.

Topics include:
Repositioning your property as a more salable opportunity
Carving out new sponsorship platforms from existing inventory
Using social media and other inventory to offer additional off-site reach
Creating proprietary programs that sponsors can “own” 

Each attendee will receive a PDF of the PowerPoint Presentation.  Please note:  Webinar session will not be available after the conference. 

About IEG:  IEG leads the way in sponsorship solutions. With more than 30 years’ experience providing independent insights, evaluation and guidance, our consultants and analysts bring unparalleled perspective and proven methodology to every challenge. 

Follow-up discussion is facilitated by Patti Lock, TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Director, Tall Ships America

Biography of Speaker

Patricia Lock

Patti Lock
Patti Lock

Patti has worked the marketing side of special events for over 30 years, and has focused on tall ships and maritime festivals for the last 15. She has worked extensively with many tall ship organizations such as Niagara, Pride of Baltimore II, S/V Denis Sullivan, and Unicorn for port appearances in the Great Lakes, developing ports and their festivals along the way.  A former sports agent and concert producer, Patti has extensive festival and series production experience, having worked many of the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® events since 1998 in various capacities.  She has been TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Director for Tall Ships America since 2009.


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