Focus Session: Offshore Medical Evacuation- Using the Safety Management System

Offshore Medical Evacuation- Using the Safety Management System

Updated 2.21.2013

Presenters: CDR Chris Gasiorek, US Merchant Marine Academy
                        Captain Jonathan Kabak, US Merchant Marine Academy (click here for the presentation)

Session Description:  This session will be a case study of the helicopter medical evacuation that occurred offshore while delivering a United States Merchant Marine Academy sailing vessel back to New York following the Newport Bermuda Race in June of 2012.  Focusing primarily on the decision making process and the utilization of a modified version of the STI Safety Management System we will discuss the choices made and their eventual outcomes both underway and shoreside.

Biography of Speakers:

CDR Chris Gasiorek

Chris Gasiorek
Chris Gasiorek

CDR Chris Gasiorek, USMS is the Sailing Master and the Director of Waterfront Activities at the United States Merchant Marine Academy.  A 1995 graduate of Kings Point, CDR Gasiorek has sailed in all positions from ordinary seaman through master aboard cargo ships, racing yachts, tugs, research ships, training ships, and his favorite- sail training ships.  CDR Gasiorek holds an Unlimited Tonnage Masters License, a 500 Ton Auxiliary Sail license, First Class Pilotage for the Great Lakes and lower Mississippi River, and multiple QMED endorsements.

Captain Jonathan Kabak

Captain Jonathan Kabak
Captain Jonathan Kabak

A native of New York City, Captain Jonathan Kabak has had a diverse seafaring career ranging from time on over a dozen Tall Ships America member vessels, to the commercial maritime and passenger vessel industries. Jonathan has a strong background in both vessel operations and in developing and implementing marine education and nautical science programing for all ages.  He holds a 500ton Ocean Masters License for Steam, Motor and Auxiliary Sail and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Franklin Pierce College with a concentration in Secondary Education. 

Since 2010 he has worked at the United States Merchant Marine Academy in the Department of Waterfront Operations and Training where he is the Director of Sail Training.  There, he coordinates vessel operations and training opportunities for the Academy’s Midshipmen across a diverse fleet.  In addition, he has provided STCW training and professional development courses to Professional Mariners, the NOAA Corp and the United States Navy.  He is a member of Tall Ships Americas’ Board of Directors, where he is Chair of the Membership Committee and also serves on the Ship Operations and Safety Committee.  He and his wife Jennifer are members of Tall Ships America and reside in Brooklyn, NY.


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