Port Forum: Working with TV in Today’s World

Working with TV in Today’s World

Updated 2.20.2013

Presenters: Leanne Strathdee, Strathdee and Company (click here for the presentation)
                        Jennifer Rogers, Director of Marketing and Development, Flagship Niagara League (click here for the presentation)

Session Description: Mobile marketing, with video on smart phones and social media have made newspapers and television seem like antiquated forms of communication.  The line between television and digital has become blurred – it is hard to know where to spend your media dollars and reach your target consumers.  Jennifer Rogers, Director of Marketing and Development at the Flagship Niagara League and Leanne Strathdee of Strathdee & Company discuss how to work with television and other traditional media in today’s new media world. 

Biography of Speakers

Leanne Strathdee

Leanne Strathdee
Leanne Strathdee

Leanne’s first Tall Ships experience was as a young spectator, as the ships gathered for an international event in Halifax in 1984. She was instantly captivated by the majestic ships and 16 years later, she was a Liaison Officer on board the HMS Rose in July 2000.

In her previous role as the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Waterfront Development Corporation in Halifax, NS, Leanne managed the marketing and communications, volunteer program and the outports program for the 2012 event. She was the Event Director for the Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge in 2009, and helped manage the event in 2007. Each of the three events posed new challenges and opportunities to better develop crew programming, media relations and marketing promotions, and to further enhance the shore side programming.

With an avid passion for Tall Ships events, Leanne has developed and maintained relationships with government, military, and tourism partners to create a platform for the ports to feature the local culture and hospitality and to draw tourists to the regions. The Tall Ships events in Nova Scotia are one of the most significant economic generators for the province.

After three successive Tall Ships events, Leanne sought new challenges and recently started her own business, Strathdee & Company, in which she consults on marketing, public relations and events. One of her clients, Think Sail Inc., hosts Nova Scotia’s only sail training program, and she also is a Trustee for the Sisters Under Sail Board.

Leanne has a degree in Arts from Acadia University, a Public Relations degree from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax. She has been practicing professional communications and marketing for 18 years and currently lives in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Jennifer Rogers

Jennifer Rogers
Jennifer Rogers

Marketing Specialist, News Reporter and Journalist, Jennifer Rogers is an experienced and personable marketing and business professional. Her career has included on-camera journalism work in both Erie and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Collgues, past clients and emplyers will tell you that Jennifer produces exceptional productivity and tangible results with a focus on the customer experience. Jennifer is currently the Director of Marketing and Development at Flagship Niagara League. Jennifer also serves on the Erie Advertising Club Board of Directors as Secretary.


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