The conference begins!

Reception at the Erie Maritime Museum
Reception at the Erie Maritime Museum

After four days of constant grey skies and snow, the sun finally came out in Erie just in time for the start of our Annual Conference. Captain Walter Rybka kicked off the conference with a brief history of the Great Lakes and the Battle of Lake Erie (save the date for our re-enactment on September 2!).  According to attendees, Captain Rybka brought the battle to life with a spellbinding and engaging lecture. While the official conference started today, yesterday we had a full day of port, education and safety sessions, capped off by a reception generously hosted by the Erie Maritime Museum.


Niagara Bosun Ryan
Niagara Bosun Ryan

Over the weekend, the rigging workshop was in full swing. Despite having been in Erie in 2010, I never had the opportunity to see the Niagara workshop. Jennifer and I bopped over and spent an hour deeply impressed with the amazing facility they have to maintain their tall ship.

For more photos from the rigging workshop, forum day and conference, check out our Flickr photostream


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