Port Forum – Promotional Partnerships: Sales and Marketing Strategies for your Home Port

Promotional Partnerships:  Sales and Marketing Strategies for your Home Port

Presenter: Shawn Waskiewicz, Flagship Niagara League (click here for presentation)
                       Chris Pennsy, Director of Communications, VisitErie

Session Description: New partnership ideas can often come from other industries.  Shawn Waskiewicz shares his ideas on generating partnerships and revenue through ticket sales programs, naming rights, value-added initiatives and marketing programs that are working well for Tall Ships Erie 2013. 

Biography of Speaker

Shawn Waskiewicz is the Executive Director of the Flagship Niagara League.  His main responsibilities include managing day-to-day business operations, fundraising, and enhancing donor/corporate relations.  Prior to joining the Niagara, Waskiewicz worked in the sports industry for more than 14 years in various roles.  He received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Edinboro University and master’s degree in Organizational Leadership at Mercyhurst University.  Waskiewicz was named the Walker School of Business Graduate of the Year, May 2011.


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