Reflections from the 40th Annual Tall Ships America Conference

The always lovely and incredibly fun Abi wrote a wonderful piece on her experience at the conference last month. This was her second time attending on our Professional Development Grant, generously sponsored by Maritime Simulation Institute, and we hope to see her a third time…thank you, Abi!

What happens when you bring together 200 tall ship sailors for a five-day event at the Bayfront Sheraton in Erie, PA? While this sounds like the start to a good joke and possibly an even better party, you might find that the answer to this question is not what you have in mind…

I have had the sincere pleasure of attending the Tall Ships America Conference for the second year in a row.  While both conferences embodied the most professional family reunion, or more accurately, the most familial professional reunion, I have ever attended, this year was particularly special to me because this conference represented the past, present, and future of the Maritime Industry as influenced by professional sail training.

This article continues on the Ocean Classroom Foundation blog>>>


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