Session Preview: Safety Aloft II: Next Steps

Leading up to Early Registration for our Annual Conference, I’ll be posting session previews.

Presenter: Captain Rick Miller, Maine Maritime Academy

Safety Aloft II: Next Steps – Last year’s Safety Aloft presentation examined current trends in equipment, recent casualties, and the physics of a fall. Safety Aloft II will look to apply what we have learned in an effort to define best practices. What are the options for equipment? How do we train, drill, and document our safety aloft efforts?


To be posted soon.

Captain Rick Miller
Captain Rick Miller

Captain Richard F. Miller
-Faculty, Department of Marine Transportation, MMA
-Instructor of Marine Transportation: Meteorology, Small Craft
Construction, Terrestrial Navigation, Celestial Navigation, Seamanship
-Captain, Schooner Bowdoin;
-Chief Mate/Master, SSV Robert C. Seamans & SSV Corwith Cramer
-Faculty Training Officer, Barque Elissa

 Prior Experience:
-Captain/Chief Mate, Ocean Classroom Foundation
-Captain/Port Captain, World Ocean School
-Director of Sea Programs, Hurricane Island Outward BoundS chool
-Relief Captain/Mate, Penobscot Bay Pilot Boat
-Yacht Delivery

[Updated 10.24.2013]


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