Session Preview: Performing Under Pressure

Performing Under Pressure: Training for and Responding to Crisis

Presenter: Deb Ajango, SafetyEd

Striking sail in a squall, responding to a MOB, all require a coordinated response even though your heart is pounding a mile a minute. This workshop will provide audience members with an understanding of how people tend to react, both cognitively and behaviorally, in stressful situations. Additionally, by using well-documented research and case studies, the presenter will explore factors that can influence one’s response. The session will include techniques on how to modify drills/training and organizationsal emergency action plan so that the desired befaviors of your crew and staff are more likely.


Performing Under Pressure

Deb Ajango

Deb Ajango
Deb Ajango

Deb Ajango has presented nationally and internationally on the topic of risk management, emergency action planning, and wilderness medicine for nearly 20 years. Deb has presented at a variety of conferences on the topics of risk management, emergency action planning, medical screening, and med-legal. Deb currently serves on the risk management committee for SCA, is on the board of Alaska State Parks, and is on the WRMC steering committee for travel abroad. Deb has a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology and has been an instructor for Wilderness Medical Associates for more than 20 years.



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