Session Preview: The Lessons of the Bounty

The Lessons of the Bounty: Drawing Experience From Tragedy

Presenter: Captain Andy Chase, Maine Maritime Academy

Drawing experience from tragedy – Captain Robin Walbridge apparently said, shortly before the HMS Bounty was abandoned in Hurricane Sandy, “Where did we lose control of this situation?” At first glance, the answer seemed simple: “When he made the decision to sail toward a well forecast hurricane.” However, there was more to it than that. The error chain was long and complex, and in some ways the tragedy had been foreshadowed for some time. In this talk, Captain Andy Chase will attempt to unpack the lessons we can all learn from this tragic event.


Andy Chase’s Bounty Presentation

Andy Chase’s Bounty Presentation Script

Wooden Boat Article:

Andy held a similar presentation and discussion at Sail Training International’s conference in Denmark.

STI discussion:

Captain Andy Chase
Captain Andy Chase

Captain Andy Chase is a Professor of Marine Transportation at Maine Maritime Academy, in Castine. He grew up sailing on the coast of Maine in summers, and began his professional sea-going career at the age of 16 as deckboy aboard a Norwegian Bulkcarrier. He is a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy (class of 1979-Deck), and holds a U.S. license as Master, unlimited, for power vessels, and Master of Auxiliary Sail Vessels of up to 1600 tons. He has sailed aboard many types of merchant vessels, including tankers, container ships, Ro-Ro’s, ITB’s, tugs, barges, break-bulk freighters, and LASH. He has sailed as deckboy, AB, Bosun, Third, Second, and Chief Mate. Captain Chase began his professional sailing career with the Maine Windjammer fleet, where he sailed on the Adventure, Mary Day, Mistress, and Nathaniel Bowditch. He then moved on to the Sail Training vessels offshore, including the Regina Maris, Westward, Gazela Primeiro, Bowdoin, and Elissa. Under sail, he has sailed as deckhand, mate, and master. As master of the Schooner Bowdoin for Maine Maritime Academy, he led a group of MMA students north for the Bowdoin’s first return trip to the Arctic since her career with Admiral MacMillan, which ended in 1954. In 1991, under Captain Chase, the Bowdoin voyaged to the West Coast of Greenland, reaching 70 degrees north latitude.  He lives in Castine and Brooksville with his wife, Lauren Sahl, also a teacher at Maine Maritime Academy, and their daughter Lily.


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