Session Preview: Advanced Marine Weather

Advanced Marine Weather
Presenter:  Joe Sienkiewicz, NOAA Ocean Prediction Center
Strong high pressure will build over New England with NE winds building off the mid-Atlantic to 30 knots and seas 10 to 14 feet. Low pressure is expected to rapidly intensify off the Washington Coast and track inland over Vancouver Island. These examples are typical language used in marine forecasts. The words and graphical marine forecasts available today are the result of a 100 plus year global effort to understand the sciences of meteorology and oceanography and apply that knowledge in operational observing and prediction systems. Credible and actionable predictive information has been and continues to be the goal. This talk, through examples, will discuss the skill of marine weather prediction, the limitations, and the challenges. 
Joe Sienkiewicz
Joe Sienkiewicz

Joe Sienkiewicz is Chief of the Ocean Applications Branch at the NOAA Ocean Prediction Center in College Park, MD.  He is in charge of forecast technique development and optimizing the use of ocean and satellite observing systems for ocean weather forecasting for the Ocean Prediction Center. Joe is a graduate of NY Maritime and received his MS in Atmospheric Science from the University of Washington. He was a professional mariner and worked as mate and relief captain on tugboats based out of NY Harbor in the early 80s. His professional interests include: explosively intensifying ocean storms, extreme winds in ocean storms, and wave development and propagation. He has authored and co-authored a variety of peered reviewed articles dealing with aspects of marine weather. 


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