Session Preview: Changing Tacks- Benchmarking and Discovering Alternative Compensation for Your Crew

CHANGING TACKS: Benchmarking and Discovering Alternative Compensation for Your Crew

Captain Jamie Trost, Pride of Baltimore II
Captain Jonathan Kabak, US Merchant Maritime Academy
Kathleen Moore, Analytics Consultant

As non-profit and small business ship operators seek balance between funding constraints and manning needs, establishing a compensation base line is a necessary tool for budgeting and staying competitive in the hunt for qualified crew. Through anonymous surveys, data on deomographics, pay scale, housing, training, and other opportunities seen as attractive to crew have been collected. Results will be co-presented by Jonathan Kabak and Jamie Trost, with Kathleen Moore handling the analytics.


Changing Tacks

Captain Jamie Trost

Captain Jamie Trost
Captain Jamie Trost

Jamie Trost is a Partner Captain for Pride of Baltimore II and has been sailing aboard Tall Ships for 15 years.  An Erie, PA native, he grew up sailing on Lake Erie and from an early age was fascinated by the 1812 History embodied in the US Brig Niagara.  In 2013 Jamie spearheaded the development of Pride II’s first underway educational programs, which focus on the pivotal role of Baltimore Privateers in the War of 1812.  In addition to his maritime experience, his writing and photographs have been published in Time Asia, The MoJo Wire, Sailing, and Chesapeake Bay Magazine.  He also speaks Japanese, having taught English in the small farming town of Bisei-Cho in Okayama Prefecture.

Captain Jonathan Kabak

Captain Jonathan Kabak
Captain Jonathan Kabak

A native of New York City, Captain Jonathan Kabak has worked in the sail training industry for over two decades.  Since starting as a young volunteer at SouthStreetSeaportMuseum he has sailed on over a dozen Tall Ships America member vessels. He holds a 500ton Ocean Masters License for Steam, Motor and Auxiliary Sail vessels.  Graduating from FranklinPierceCollege with a Bachelor of Arts in History and a focus on education, Jonathan’s career at sea has focused on developing and implementing marine education and nautical science programs under sail for all ages.

Currently he serves as the Director of Sail Training at the United States Merchant Marine Academy where he is also Adjunct Faculty.  In addition to his work at the Academy, Jonathan works as a consultant, developing and delivering STCW and Maritime Safety curriculum and providing marine operations services.  He is a member of Tall Ships Americas’ Board of Directors, where he serves on the Ship Operations and Safety and Membership Committees.  He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife Jennifer and young daughter Olivia all of whom are members of Tall Ships America.

Kathleen Moore

Kathleen Moore
Kathleen Moore

Kathleen Moore is a researcher for the national security community specializing in evaluating trust and credibility in social media, its use during extreme events, and computer mediated crisis communication. Kathleen is near completion of her PhD in Information Sciences and Technology at the Pennsylvania State University when she isn’t volunteering on tallships. Her dissertation on social media interaction surrounding the sinking of the HM S Bounty will be published in 2014.

Updated 1.28.2014


One thought on “Session Preview: Changing Tacks- Benchmarking and Discovering Alternative Compensation for Your Crew

  1. David Paul Leanza January 23, 2014 / 4:08 pm

    One topic that could be covered in this discussions could be, how to be compliance with the Fair Labor Standard Act. Some organizations maybe claiming to be exempt from the minimum wage, record keeping and overtime requirements because they are seasonal operators of a recreational establishment, 29 CFR 779.395. Other organizations may be except under the exemption for persons employed as seamen, 29 CFR 783. This exempts employers from over-time but not minimum wage. The are also provisions for making allowances for room and board a a portion of the wage in 29 CFR 531 and 29 CFR 785

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