Session Preview: The Living Ship Initiative: Adventuress as a model for a Sustainable Maritime Industry

The Living Ship Initiative: Adventuress as a model for a Sustainable Maritime Industry

Captain Joshua Berger, Schooner Adventuress
 Rachel Miller, Rozalia Project

Described as the Living Ship Initiative, Captain Berger and a team of engineers and maritime sustainability experts are re-designing Adventuress’ systems to the highest standards of green design, The Living Building Challenge. Keeping with Sound Experience’s value of inclusion, we are partnering with system designers from the maritime and green building industry to envision, design and create a powerful Living Ship education platform, inspiring a model for the future of sustainable marine industries.

In addition, Rachel Miller of Rozalia Project for a Clean ocean will lead an interactive presentation focusing on equipment, techniques and decisions sailors and shore-based teams can use to make a difference to our ocean planet. You will not be told to recycle (we know you already do that), this discussion is intended to do some environmental mythbusting and introduce new, effective and implementable opportunities to reduce our collective impact.


Living Ship Initiative

Tall Ships’ Sustainability (large)


Captain Joshua Berger
Captain Joshua Berger

Captain Joshua Berger 

Captain, Centennial Restoration and Living Ship project manager of the National Historic Landmark and working educational tall ship ADVENTURESS since 2004. During his leadership-driven career, he has proven abilities as a skilled and passionate professional mariner, educator and advocate of Puget Sound health and restoration.  Joshua brings a history much like the Adventuress herself: a history full of spirit and intention; honored and privileged to explore and learn, engaged deeply as a hard working vessel and integral in the work towards healthy and sustainable communities. He earned a Master’s Degree from Antioch University in Seattle and was awarded a TogetherGreen Fellowship provided by Toyota and Audubon. He has worked on everything from tall ships to tug boats and research vessels across the US and is deeply engaged in sustainability education as a community development consultant for statewide and regional participatory planning and socio-environmental change. He has been engaged with stories, visions and goals of thousands as they come together in partnership and collaboration. He lives in Port Townsend, WA with his wife Miranda raising their children as sailors and stewards.

Rachael Miller

Rachael Miller
Rachael Miller

Rachael Miller is co-founder/Executive Director of Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean, whose mission is to find and remove marine debris, from the surface to the sea floor, through action, technology, outreach and research. Rozalia Project uses sonar equipped ROV’s to search and clean the sea floor of marine debris of all sizes and to connect people of all ages to their underwater world through dockside and shipboard marine debris programs aboard their 60′ sailing vessel, American Promise. In addition to leading Rozalia Project, Rachael is a member of the US Sailing National Faculty and Training Committee, a US Sailing Instructor Trainer and ROV pilot trainer for VideoRay. She is a certified windsurfing, kite-surfing and snow-kiting instructor, holds a USCG 50ton Master’s license, lives in VT, has 2 Newfies and loves the frozen water as much as the liquid.

Updated 1.28.2014



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