Focus Session: Data Analytics I

Data Analytics 1

Presenter: Kathleen Moore, Analytics Consultant

You’ve collected the numbers – now what do they mean? Social media, websites, advertising, budget increases, attendance figures, customer response – numbers mean something to how you manage your non-profit organization, your business or your festival. Does your data reflect your business objective? This session will help you learn how you can make better business decisions by mining the data you are collecting or already have. This may include using data to target your message, what data patterns mean and how small changes can yield big results.


Data Analytics 101 (Handout)

Data Analytics 101 (Slideshow)

Kathleen Moore

Kathleen Moore
Kathleen Moore

Kathleen Moore is a researcher for the national security community specializing in evaluating trust and credibility in social media, its use during extreme events, and computer mediated crisis communication. Kathleen is near completion of her PhD in Information Sciences and Technology at the PennsylvaniaStateUniversity – when she isn’t volunteering on tall ships. Her dissertation on social media interaction surrounding the sinking of the HM S Bounty will be published in 2014.


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