Education Under Sail Forum: The delivery AND business of education

We are less than 30 days out to our annual conference in San Diego (!!!). For many of us, including Tall Ships America HQ, and caught in a deep freeze, it can’t come soon enough. We’ll be posting bios, photos and session descriptions over these next few weeks along with various reasons as to why you should attend the conference (not registered? Sign up here!) Starting with the Education Forum

We know you need more than just great teachers. You need people who support your education program with skills in marketing, partnerships, and fundraising/development. The Education Under Sail Forum is the place to learn new techniques, resources and find inspiration for successful education programs – and all of their parts.

We know people in sail training are responsible for a range of important tasks essential to the programmatic and financial success of their organizations. This year’s Education Under Sail Forum goes beyond just the how-to educate. Experienced panelists will discuss to make an education program financially successful by addressing a variety of topics including marketing to specific education programs and how to partner with high schools and universities.
 This year’s Forum also features a no-holds-barred, no-question-too-crazy open session with a major donor, a decision maker for corporate sponsorships, and a decision maker for a major foundation.  We will hear about the best and worst experiences these funders have had with their funded partners (and those they have turned away) and have the chance to ask questions and discuss ideas!
Don’t let the name of this forum fool you – it is for educators AND those responsible for the marketing, development, and community outreach of education programs!
Updated 1.15.2014

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