Session Preview: Social Media Makeover- Are You Reaching the Right People?

Social Media Makeover: Are You Reaching the Right People?

Kathleen Moore, Analytics Consultant
Joe Takai

Using Tall Ships America as a case study, we will examine their social media portfolio, discussing what works, what does not, and how it can be improved. Organizations will be able to see what ideas they can incorporate into their own social media campaigns.


Social Media Makeover


Kathleen Moore

Kathleen Moore
Kathleen Moore

Kathleen Moore is a researcher for the national security community specializing in evaluating trust and credibility in social media, its use during extreme events, and computer mediated crisis communication. Kathleen is near completion of her PhD in Information Sciences and Technology at the Pennsylvania State University when she isn’t volunteering on tallships. Her dissertation on social media interaction surrounding the sinking of the HMS Bounty will be published in 2014.

Joe Takai

Joe Takai
Joe Takai

CTO, CCO, Board Advisor
Joe Takai is a movie & tech superfreak, auto & industrial design geek, ILM alum & maker advising early stage startups in the technology and creative sectors. With an extensive background in visual technology, Joe provides insight and direction for major clients and is responsible for creative and technology development strategy for mobile, digital content, film, consumer product and tech markets.

In addition to technology development, Joe has had the great fortune of participating on many highly successful and noteworthy feature film production teams making significant contributions to major projects including Star Wars, Titanic and The Matrix sequels.  Along the way Joe has acquired extensive experience with creative and technology leadership as a key executive developing creative strategies and technologies for many industry visionaries. Feature film directors Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and George Lucas have told innovative stories with breathtaking visuals and were able to achieve their vision with the adoption of several key product market solutions that Joe conceived, strategized, developed and deployed while in their service.
Feature Film Credits
2014   Noah                                                                VFX Producer / VFX Supervisor
2013   The Secret Life of Walter Mitty           VFX Supervisor : Prologue
2013    Oz the Great and Powerful                    VFX Supervisor / Advisor
2012    Jack the Giant Killer                                 VFX Producer / VFX Supervisor
2012    Now You See Me                                        VFX Producer / VFX Supervisor
2012    The Transposed Heads                            Visual Effects Supervisor
2012    The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn  Exec. Producer : Prologue
2003   The Matrix Reloaded                                Visual Effects Supervisor
2003   The Matrix Revolutions                           Visual Effects Supervisor
2001    A.I. – Artificial Intelligence                   Director, Production Engineering
2001    Pearl Harbor                                                Director, Production Engineering
2000   Space Cowboys                                           Director, Production Engineering
1999    Star Wars Episode I                                   Director, Production Engineering
1998         Small Soldiers                                          Director, Production Engineering
1998         Jack Frost                                                  Director, Production Engineering
1998         Deep Impact                                             Director, Production Engineering
1998         Snake Eyes                                                Director, Production Engineering
1997         Titanic                                                        Production Software Supervisor
1997         The Fifth Element                                 Production Software Supervisor
1997         Red Corner                                               Production Software Supervisor
1997         Dante’s Peak                                            Production Software Supervisor

Erin Short
Erin Short

Erin grew up in Rhode Island sailing around Narragansett Bay. She left the Ocean State for college at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology. After living in Colorado for six years, Erin decided she missed the ocean too much and moved back to Providence. Erin has been with Tall Ships America for seven years and has recently been named TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Manager.  When not on the road with the Race Team, Erin spends her days in Newport preparing for upcoming summer tall ship events, living vicariously through tall ship sailors, and talking to anyone who will listen about how much cool stuff there is in new media.

Updated 1.28.2014


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