Session Preview: HR and You

HR and You -An up to date guide to understanding Hiring, Firing and other legalities of having Employees

Mark Waddington, CIMI Tall Ship Expeditions
Glenn Robison, CIMI Tall Ship Expeditions

Even if you have a good human resource department they aren’t always on the front line. Captains, Mates, Program Directors, Directors, CEOs all need to have a little HR department inside them so that they don’t make a critical mistake when dealing with an employee.  This session will discuss the process of hiring someone and documenting their progress with your company.  We will also touch on how to cover your company’s tuchus when it comes time to fire someone and how to protect yourself from harassment charges.


HR & You


Mark Waddington

Mark Waddington
Mark Waddington

Mark first came to work for the Guided Discoveries family in 1994 as a sailing instructor at Catalina Sea Camp during his summers off from college. Once out of college he began working year-round at CTMI at Toyon Bay and after satisfying some wanderlust, he came back to assist in the CIMI Tall Ship Expeditions (CTSE) program aboard Tole Mour in 200 I. He has served as a Dive Master, Deckhand/Instructor, Second Mate, Chief Mate and Captain aboard the Tole Mour and has worked aboard a number of other vessels around the country. He became Director of CTSE in 2005 and hasn’t looked back. Mark holds a United States Coast Guard 1600 Ton Auxiliary Sail Captain License. As an American Red Cross Waterfront Lifeguard Instructor, and NAUl SCUBA Instructor Mark has taught many people how to be safe and comfortable on and under the water.

Glenn Robison

Glenn Robison
Glenn Robison

Glenn Robison joined Guided Discoveries in 1997 and is the director of human resources and compliance, responsible for risk management, safety training, employee benefit programs and information technology.  He is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and the Professionals in Human Resources Association.  Glenn has supported youth development for 30 years through volunteer service to the American Camp Association where he currently serves as accreditation standards chairperson, standards visitor and standards instructor.  He has been recipient of several service awards from the local ACA office. He is also vice-chair of the California Collaboration for Youth, developing and managing legislative strategies to benefit youth in California.


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