Session Preview: New Program Showcase C

New Program Showcase C


Pride on the Chesapeake

Charles W. Morgan

1. Pride on the Chesapeake

With a matching grant from the Maryland 1812 Bicentennial Commission, Pride, Inc, developed its first experiential education program under sail.  “Pride on the Chesapeake” is focused on educating a new generation about their maritime heritage and how Pride and Pride II are continuing traditions than began over 200 years ago.  The half-day sailing program engages students in hands-on activities such as setting sail and steering the ship, as well as “minds-on” activities, such as comparing hull models of a Baltimore Clipper and a 19th century cargo design, envisioning the Bay without bridges or roads, and examining disparate viewpoints about the decision to go to war in 1812.  The combination of physical science, history, geography, and humanities aboard a classroom on the water makes “Pride on the Chesapeake” unique, even in a region that is home to many high caliber programs.

Jamie Trost

Captain Jamie Trost
Captain Jamie Trost

Jamie Trost is a Partner Captain for Pride of Baltimore II and has been sailing aboard Tall Ships for 15 years.  An Erie, PA native, he grew up sailing on Lake Erie and from an early age was fascinated by the 1812 History embodied in the US Brig Niagara.  In 2013 Jamie spearheaded the development of Pride II’s first underway educational programs, which focus on the pivotal role of Baltimore Privateers in the War of 1812.  In addition to his maritime experience, his writing and photographs have been published in Time Asia, The MoJo Wire, Sailing, and Chesapeake Bay Magazine.  He also speaks Japanese, having taught English in the small farming town of Bisei-Cho in Okayama Prefecture.

2. Update on the Charles W. Morgan Project

In the summer of 2014, Mystic Seaport will sail the 1841 whaleship CHARLES W. MORGAN to various ports in CT, RI and MA. Accompanying the vessel will be a 20,000 square foot exhibit set up on shore. This presentation will be an overview of the plans for this historic 38th Voyage.

Shannon McKenzie

Shannon McKenzie
Shannon McKenzie

Shannon McKenzie has worked at Mystic Seaport in the Watercraft Preservation and Programs department for seven years. In this capacity, she coordinates, among other things, the Schooner BRILLIANT program, the operation of the National Historic Landmark SABINO, access to the collection of ~500 boats in storage, and the voyage planning for the Charles. W. Morgan. Prior to Mystic Seaport, Shannon worked for Sea Education Association on board the vessels, then as the Marine Operations Coordinator, hiring crew and arranging port logistics.


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