Education Under Sail Forum: STEM Programs 2.0

Education Under Sail Forum: STEM Programs 2.0

Jessica Servis, US Sailing
Allison Schutes, Ocean Conservancy
Rachael MillerRozalia Project

Engaging, ready to go, and free programs relevant for ship-and land-based sailing and marine education programs. Includes US Sailing’s REACH Program, Rozalia Project’s Mission Atlantic/Mission Pacific Coast, and an introduction to the Ocean Conservancy’s new STEM program.


STEM Programs 2.0 – Jessica Servis

Rozalia Project – Rachael Miller


Jessica Servis

Jessica Servis
Jessica Servis

Jessica has driven US Sailing’s REACH program from its inception in 2012 to now include over 200 organizations and impacting 7,500 students in 2013. Previously, Jessica was the Executive Director of Just-Sailing. She specializes in accessible sailing for kids and adults with special needs. She earned a MA in special education from Rowan University and has over 15 years of formal and informal teaching experience

 Allison Schutes

Allison Schutes
Allison Schutes

Allison Schutes is the Trash Free Seas Program Coordinator for Ocean Conservancy. Allison works primarily to engage the public in the issue of ocean trash, focusing on reduction and prevention strategies. Allison also spearheads the development of comprehensive and effective educational content to supplement the International Coastal Cleanup and Trash Free Seas Program. Prior to working at Ocean Conservancy, Allison worked five years in marine education, teaching youth of all ages about marine animals and conservation efforts. Allison received a B.A. with honors in Psychology from RollinsCollege and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Planning from the University of Florida.  Although currently in Washington, DC, Allison is at home when on the water, returning to Florida or any coastline as often as possible.

 Rachael Miller

Rachael Miller
Rachael Miller

Rachael Miller is the co-founder/Director of the Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean whose mission is to develop and implement solutions for a clean and healthy ocean through innovation, education, cleanup and research from aboard American Promise a Ted Hood 60’ and dockside locations across the country. She is a member of the US Sailing Training Committee, is a Level 1 and 2 Instructor Trainer and holds a USCG 50 ton Master’s license. She was co-founder of the first ROV-supported shipwreck tour company in North America and works with ROV manufacturer, VideoRay to train ROV pilots. Rachael’s background is in marine studies and underwater archaeology which she studied at BrownUniversity. She lives in Vermont and loves to ski as much as sail.


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