41st Annual Conference: Sessions & PDFs

The 2014 Annual Conference was a great success! With so many fantastic sessions and speakers, we know you’ve all been waiting for the post-conference slideshows to be posted. Click on the links below to view the presentation details and PDFs and don’t forget to join us next year for the 42nd Annual Conference!

Captain Kabak at the 2014 Tall Ships America Conference Engineering Workshop

Pre Conference Workshop

Marine Engineering for Deckineers

Safety Under Sail Forum

Session 1: Safety Aloft II – Next Steps

Session 2: Lessons Learned from Time Spent in a Life Raft

General Session: Cold Water Survival Bootcamp

Session 3: Timing is Everything -May Day, Pan Pan

Session 4: Moderated Open Forum

Education Under Sail Forum

Session 1: STEM Programs 2.0

Session 2: Promoting Learning Conversations

Session 3: An Honest and Open Discussion With Funders

Session 4: Sustaining Your Marine Ed Program

Tuesday Conference

Keynote Address: Dr. Raymond Ashley

Session 1A: Advanced Marine Weather

Session 1B: New Program Showcase A (America’s Freedom Sailor, iGyre & Marimed Foundation)

Session 1C: Changing Tacks – Benchmarking and Discovering Alternative Compensation for Your Crew

Session 1D: Youth Forum

General Session: The Lessons of the Bounty – Drawing Experience from Tragedy

 General Session: Program Spotlights (Barque EAGLE, Sail Training International, United States Power Squadron & Tall Ships Challenge)

Session 2A: When to Call in the Pros

Session 2B: Data Analytics I

Session 2C: Performing Under Pressure: Training For and Responding To Crisis

Session 3A: Navigating the Regulatory Seas

Session 3B: Promotions – What’s the Next Great Idea?

Session 3C: The Living Ship Initiative – Adventuress as a Model for a Sustainable Maritime Industry & Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean

Session 3D: Tuning Up Your Governance Rigging

Wednesday Conference

General Session: The Loss of the Bounty

Session 4A: Data Analytics Part 2 – What are you going to do with the numbers?

Session 4B: Dealing With Shock Losses – how the insurance market reacts and what you can do about it

Session 4C: Hot Topics in Marine Biology

Session 4D: Mirror Mirror – How your volunteer program represents your organization

Annual Meeting and Elections

Session 5A: Social Media Makeover – Are you reaching the right people?

Session 5B: Crisis Management and the Media

Session 5C: Weather 101

Session 5D: New Program Showcase B (United States Power Squadron & Safe Harbor Pictures)

Session 6A: USCG/Tall Ships America:Together on the Solution Side of Rigging Inspection

Session 6B: Program Showcase C (Pride in the Chesapeake & Update on Charles W. Morgan)

Session 6C: Millennial Mates -Training Your Middle Managers

Session 6D: HR and You – An Up toDate Guide to Understanding Hiring, Firing and Other Legalities of Having Employees

Closing Remarks: Jonathan Boulware


Meet & Greet Cocktail Reception

hosted by the Wydham San Diego Bayfront Hotel

Welcome Reception aboard Star of India

hosted by the Maritime Museum of San Diego

Dinner aboard the Steam Ferry Berkeley

sponsored by Tall Ships® Festival Los Angeles 2014, San Diego Festival of Sail 2014, and Dana Point Tall Ships® Festival 2014

Annual Sail Training Awards Banquet and GALA (with Doc Rock-It)

sponsored by Allen Insurance and Financial

Lane Briggs Memorial Tea Party

in memory of Lane Briggs


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