Call for Presenters in Philadelphia!

40th Conference in San Diego, 2014._Alice Cochran
40th Conference in San Diego, 2014._Alice Cochran

Tall Ships America invites you to become involved in the
2015 Conference as a presenter.

The 2015 conference, Fleet Maneuvers: Collaborating and Partnering to Best Advantage, will focus on how individual organizations and the industry as a whole can work with others toward common goals. With operational margins already razor-thin, how can the small, mission-driven educational enterprises at the core of our membership keep up, adapt, and reach their markets and succeed? The key may lie in assembling successful collaborations with other organizations, finding complementary strengths and capacities, and so enhancing the prospects for all. It takes a crew of diverse talents to sail a ship successfully on her appointed voyage.The Conference will be organized around five main topic areas:
-Crew Training and Development
-Ship’s Operations & Safety
-Educational Programming and Marine Science
-Tall Ships Events and Port/Festival Organizers
-Administration/Organizational Sustainability

We invite you to share your knowledge and experience in one of these five areas with Tall Ships America members.

All proposals must be received no later than October 3, 2014

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