Make Your Dreams Come True

Pantsuits! Photo Credit:

The holidays are upon us! Bring on the tinsel, merriment and egg nog! Before the old year turns into the new, be sure to register for the conference. I have a feeling that January is going to get away from us. The next thing you know, the room blocks will release and you still need to register and buy your plane ticket and pack and… and….But you can avoid all that just by registering for the conference today.

Make your, and our, dreams come true by attending the conference this year. Here is the agenda and the sweet hotel (with pool!) that we are staying in and the registration form since you might as well just go ahead and register.

Need some registration music? Feast your eyes on this video of 80’s deliciousness. Hall and Oates and Tall Ships America are waiting for you!

Fun fact: Hall and Oates are from Philadelphia. Imagine what else you’ll learn at the conference. Register today.


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