Waiting On You

The Baltimore-based band Future Islands  broke through to the mainstream this year, after eight years and four albums. It may or may not have anything to do with the lead singers’ mesmerizingly awesome dance moves on David Letterman earlier this year –

Like any indie band, our tall ships industry has been working steadily and teaching new generations how the art of traditional sail is done- through hard work, perseverance, staying true to ourselves and throwing some sweet moves into the mix –

Tearing it up on the Queen Mary, 2010 Long Beach conference
Tearing it up on the Queen Mary, 2010 Long Beach conference

This year’s conference plays into the idea of creative collaboration, be it musically or ocean-based. How can our industry keep moving forward? The key may lie in assembling successful partnerships with other organizations, finding complementary strengths and capacities, and so enhancing the prospects for all. It takes a crew of diverse talents to sail a ship successfully on her appointed voyage.

That’s why we need you to register for the conference. Join us in Philadelphia for new ideas, exciting ways to improve your programs and an all around good time (see above picture).

We are waiting on you…



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