Focus Session: Understanding Public Safety Terminology & Communication

Understanding Public Safety Terminology & Communication

Steve Sutch, Pearsco Solutions

Public Safety Presentation (PDF)

Every Port Organizer who is or has planned a Tall Ships Festival has in some way interacted with various public sector agencies such as law enforcement, fire, and medical response agencies. Port Organizers are sometimes faced with a terminology they are not familiar with.  This session will provide participants a deeper understanding of the public safety terminology and importance of proper usage when planning and managing public safety at a Tall Ships Festival. You can learn how to be prepared before you go into your meeting with these agencies by understanding the language and understanding how it should be applied to your Festival. For example, participants will get acquainted with ICS and why it is important for a Tall Ships® Festival. This session will also cover the dynamics of crisis communication with your stakeholders during an incident that involves public safety at an event. Good communication during a public safety incident is imperative and can represent the difference between a successful effort and a bad one. We will review examples on how bad communication has affected events negatively and how unpreparedness with event organizers can pose an inherent risk to the general public.

Speaker Biographypearsco_final (2)

Steve Sutch works for Pearsco Solutions, Inc. in Erie, Pennsylvania. Pearsco is a special event public safety planning consultation firm that require advance planning, risk mitigation, and management solutions. Steve is a special event planner and coordinator. A portion of Steve’s responsibilities is to plan and mitigate risk for special public events through writing plans and working with local stakeholders. Steve serves in the role of Event Safety Coordinator during special events that Pearsco has been contracted to provide services at.  Steve has been involved as a security and public safety planner/coordinator for three Tall Ships events (Erie 2010/2013 and Cleveland 2013). He is currently contracted for Tall Ships Erie 2016 as its Public Safety Planner/Consultant. In February 2012, Steve was appointed to a five year term by the United States Coast Guard Captain of the Port to chair the Northwest Pennsylvania Region Area Maritime Security Subcommittee (NWPARAMSS). Steve chairs this committee that is a partnership of public and private stakeholders within the maritime nexus with an objective to keep the Port of Erie secure.


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