Live and direct from Philly Town


How can we even talk about 90s nostalgia without mentioning Boyz II Men? This quartet of smooth R & B and a capella was the soundtrack to my high school career. For anyone who graduated during this time, “End of the Road” was guaranteed to be played, along with “It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday“. Oh man, classics.

I recall a friend of mine in high school, who went confidently by the nickname “Scooby”, before class one day talking about Wu-Tang Clan and how Boyz II Men were the best dressed musicians. To this day, whenever I hear Boyz II Men, I always think, “They have great style. Scooby always thought so.” I mean, just look at this wardrobe artistry –



In the still of the night, or whenever you find a moment’s peace this holiday season, make sure you register for the conference. One sweet day (January 11th) the room blocks will release, which means you may not be able to score the $119 (+tax) rate. Then, you’ll be on bended knee, asking us for a reprieve.  And all we can do is shake our heads sadly and say, “Sorry, it was the End of the Road”.*

(*For room rates at least. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to register.)




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