Focus Session: Using Blind-Spot Analysis to Steer Clear of the Shoals You Never Imagined

Using Blind-Spot Analysis to Steer Clear of the Shoals You Never Imagined

Captain Jamie Trost, Pride of Baltimore, Inc.

Blind Spot Analysis Presentation (PDF)


Blind spot theory is a tool used in many corporations to enhance critical thinking about your own organization. According to the theory, there are seven reasons seen as causes for organizations to encounter surprise failures.  This session will briefly introduce the theory and the seven points, using examples from outside the tall ships fleet.  Participants will break into small groups to discuss ways they have seen organizations stumble on or avoid any of the seven reasons.  Each group will then present their examples to the session.  The end goal is to create a consciousness of potential blind spots and, through crowd-sourcing, identify some common or likely blind spots tall ship organizations might encounter, and brain storm some ways to steer clear.

Speaker Biography

Captain Jamie Trost
Captain Jamie Trost

Jamie Trost will be the Project Manager and Captain for the Schooner Porcupine, an initiative of the Bayfront Maritime Center (BMC), in Erie, Pennsylvania. Beginning in 2016, Porcupine will be offering underway educational programs covering centuries of Erie’s Maritime History. As an Erie native, Jamie grew up sailing on Lake Erie and from an early age was fascinated by the 1812 History embodied in the US Brig Niagara. During his seven seasons as partner Captain for Pride of Baltimore II, he spearheaded the development of Pride II’s first underway educational programs, which focus on the pivotal role of Baltimore Privateers in the War of 1812. In 2013, he was part of a team that benchmarked fleet-wide compensation standards.







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