We have reached that point…

Photo credit www.eurweb.com
Photo credit http://www.eurweb.com

Hall & Oates in pantsuits, Baltimore-based normcore dancing, the delightful Will Smith, the amazing wardrobe and smooth tones of Boyz II Men, and the rock and roll sensibility of Joan Jett, haven’t managed to trigger registration sign ups as much as we had hoped. I shake it off and remind potential attendees that the room block releases on Sunday, 11 January, at 5:oop EST.

And so, since nothing else seemed to work, I bring you Taylor Swift (representing the ‘burbs of Philly) to help ease your way into this chilly weekend. Feast upon her pop frothiness while you register for the conference.

Photo Credit www.abcnews.com
Photo Credit http://www.abcnews.com

Missing the room block will cause more trouble than it’s worth, especially since you might not get the same rate that the other conference attendees received. But hopefully, your lesson will have been learned and it will never, ever happen again. Register today (and make sure to check out the agenda!). We have a blank space for you

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