Program Showcase: Maritime Industry Attitudes Towards Sail Training Experience

Maritime Industry Attitudes Towards Sail Training Experience

Eric Romelczyk

Maritime Industry Attitudes Presentation (PDF)

Session Description
The presentation will report on the progress of a study that explores the attitudes of maritime industry recruiters and personnel managers towards employees and applicants with significant experience on traditional sailing vessels.  The research will be conducted through interviews of recruiters and personnel managers and qualitative analysis of the resulting data.  Results will inform the sail training community and illustrate in what ways recruiters value sail training experience.

Speaker Biography

Eric Romelczyk
Eric Romelczyk

Eric Romelczyk is a graduate student in the Master of Marine Affairs (M.M.A.) program at the University of Rhode Island.  He received his bachelor’s degree in Small Vessel Operations from Maine Maritime Academy in 2009 and has worked in the sail training industry as well as the tug and barge industry.  He holds licenses as 1600 ton Mate, Oceans and Mate of Towing, Oceans.



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