Workshop: REACH Educator Course

 Post Conference Workshop Saturday, February 7
REACH Educator’s Workshop

Jessica Servis, US Sailing, REACH Program Manager

Session Description
US Sailing’s STEM Educator Course a one-day eight hour professional development/ training opportunity for teachers and sailing instructors to learn how to implement US Sailing’s STEM program and curriculum called Reach. The Reach modules feature inquiry-based learning and engineering by design processes to provide youth with hands-on integrated learning opportunities that inspire interest in fields of study including physics, marine biology, robotics, technology and more. The Reach modules are correlated to National Education Standards in science and math, as well as Learn Sailing Right! Beginner and Intermediate.

Speaker Biography

Jessica Servis
Jessica Servis

Jessica has driven US Sailing’s REACH program from its inception in 2012 to now include over 200 organizations and impacting 7,500 students in 2013. Previously, Jessica was the Executive Director of Just-Sailing. She specializes in accessible sailing for kids and adults with special needs. She earned a MA in special education from Rowan University and has over 15 years of formal and informal teaching experience.


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