Workshop: Practical Weather

Post Conference Workshop –  Saturday February 7 & Sunday February 8 

Practical Weather Workshop: Applying Weather Information in Decision Making

Joe Sienkiewicz, Chief of the Ocean Applications Branch, NOAA Ocean Prediction Center

Session Description
Weather is a constant that must be dealt with and factored into nearly every decision aboard a vessel. This workshop will go over weather basics, review weather products available on board, and through practical exercises illustrate using weather information to make the decisions to best ensure safe passage. The workshop is intended for up and coming mates and crew who will be making critical decisions. Seasoned captains would also benefit.


Joe Sienkiewicz
Joe Sienkiewicz

 Joe Sienkiewicz is Chief of the Ocean Applications Branch at the NOAA Ocean Prediction Center in College Park, MD. He is in charge of forecast technique development and optimizing the use of ocean and satellite observing systems for ocean weather forecasting for the Ocean prediction Center. Joe is a graduate of NY Maritime and received his MS in Atmospheric Science from the University of Washington. He was a professional mariner and worked as mate and relief captain on tugboats based out of NY Harbor in the early 80s. His professional interests include: explosively intensifying ocean storms, extreme winds in ocean storms, and wave development and propagation. He has authored and co-authored a variety of peered reviewed articles dealing with aspects of marine weather.





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