Everything is Better with Bacon


Our expression when you register after January 28th
Our expression when you register after January 28th

Kevin Bacon is known for many things. He is a Philadelphia boy, he knows his way around some teen angst, and it seems everyone knows him. But, and this is my personal opinion, his greatest contribution to modern pop culture? Tremors. Giant, man-eating earthworms that launch themselves out of the ground and devour you. You never see them coming…Mr. Bacon plays Valentine McKee who, with his best friend, Earl Bassett, and a rag-tag group of  take-no-guff residents, defend their small, isolated town from the creatures. It is amazing and the dialogue is just as witty as you’d expect of a low-budget 90’s movie about giant, man-eating earthworms (called Graboids) (seriously).

Which brings me to the fact that while the residents of said desert town never saw the giant, man eating earthworms coming, you won’t have the same excuse. We here at Tall Ships America are giving you fair warning about registration closing at midnight (EST) on Wednesday, 28 January. You will not be able to register online after the 28th. You will, however, still be able to register at the conference in Philadelphia. But it will cost you. If you don’t register online before midnight on Wednesday, 28 January, and instead choose to register when you arrive at the conference, you will be charged a fee of $100 (it’s our don’t-say-we-didn’t-warn-you tax).

Unlike Valentine McKee, you have been warned.

Save yourself some heartache, register for the conference today. Then, do yourself a favor- pop some popcorn, turn off your brain and enjoy the cinematic delights of Tremors.


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