Citizen Science On and Off the Water

Citizen Science On and Off the Water: Connecting Your Trainees and Visitors to the Sea and Science Through Projects That Make a Difference 

Dr. Jarrett Byrnes, Assistant Professor of Biology, UMass Boston
Rachel Miller, Rozalia Project

Floating Forests Presentation, Dr. Byrnes (PDF)
Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean Presentation, Rachael Miller (PDF)

How can you keep students, citizens, and others who have sailed with you involved and interested in science when they step on dry land? How can you help keep the passion for exploration alive in students when they go back home, sometimes to landlocked places far from the sea? A number of online citizen science projects that ask people to do everything from look at kelp from space to transcribe the logs of old survey or military vessels. Jarrett Byrnes, of Floating Forests ( discusses the new opportunities that online citizen science provides to connect people to the sea and the scientists that study it. 

In data, there are solutions. Rachael Miller of Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean will share techniques and examples of how marine debris cleanups with data collection, whether on the surface, the shoreline, or on the seafloor, take cleanups to another level. The data allows for engaging analysis, fun and applied math and most importantly, the opportunity generate, develop and implement solutions to the problem of marine debris. Participants will receive the tools and documents necessary for effective data collection and analysis as well as potential funding sources for surface nets and other cleanup/data collection equipment.


Dr. Jarrett Byrnes
Dr. Jarrett Byrnes

Dr. Byrnes is an assistant professor of Biology at the University of Massachusetts Boston. An East Coast native, he began working in the rolling lush kelp meadows of New England. He nearly choked on his regulator the first time he found himself in a California Giant Kelp Forest while a Ph.D. student at UC Davis working in Bodega Bay. He’s spent the past decade working in a variety of kelp ecosystems, trying to understand how these incredible algae shape marine life in some of the most heavily populated coastlines around the world.


Rachael Miller
Rachael Miller


Rachael Miller is the co-founder/Director of the Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean whose mission is to develop and implement solutions for a clean and healthy ocean through innovation, education, cleanup and research from aboard American Promise a Ted Hood 60’ and dockside locations across the country. She is a member of the US Sailing Training Committee, is a Level 1 and 2 Instructor Trainer and holds a USCG 50 ton Master’s license. She was co-founder of the first ROV-supported shipwreck tour company in North America and works with ROV manufacturer, VideoRay to train ROV pilots. Rachael’s background is in marine studies and underwater archaeology which she studied at Brown University. She lives in Vermont and loves to ski as much as sail.



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