2015 Conference Speakers and Sessions

US Maritime Resource Center's 2015 Grant Recipients www.usmrc.org
US Maritime Resource Center’s 2015 Grant Recipients http://www.usmrc.org

The 2015 Annual Conference was a huge success– Thank you to our sponsors, speakers and attendees! With so many fantastic sessions and speakers, we know you’ve all been waiting for the post-conference sessions to be posted. Click on the links below to view the presentation details and PDFs. Keep checking back as they are posted. Feel as though you missed out on a great conference? You did but you can always join us next year when we do it all over again in Quebec City!

Looking for photos? They are on our Flickr page

Updated 3.3.2015

Wednesday, 4 February 

Safety Under Sail Forum (Sponsored by Pearsco Solutions)

Session 1: Safety Aloft and Recommended Best Practices

Session 2: Bridge Resource Management for Our Ships

Session 3: On Board Risk Assessment: Best Practices Workshop

*Session 1,2,3 are all on the same post. Documents and presentations are listed under each session.

Educators and Administrators Forum

Session 1: From Manned Space Flights to a Tall Ship, Using the Power of the Process Communication Model

Session 2: On the Spectrum: Working With People With Autism

Session 3: Program Expansion Panel: Career and Technical Education Programs

Session 4: Measuring Impact: Why should anyone participate in our programs? Why should funders support us?

Session 5: In-house PR: Tips and tricks to turn your current staff into effective public relations people

Thursday, 5 February – Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships

Keynote Address: Strategic Partnerships as a Means for Navigating the Shoals Ahead in Sail Training

General Session A: Safety Management Systems: A Culture of Collaboration for Safe Operation

General Session B: Understanding Public Safety Terminology & Communication During a Public Safety Incident

Focus Session 1

1A: Harnessing the Power of Visual Media

1B: What You Don’t Know Might Hurt You: Demystifying the Jones Act, maintenance and cure, and what they mean to the mariner

1C: Leveraging Sail Training to Build the Next Generation of GLOBAL Leaders for Peace (cancelled due to illness)

Focus Session 2

2A Showcase: Programs and Partnerships

1. Maritime Industry Attitudes Towards Sail Training Experience

2. United States Power Squadrons Boating Education Can Help Your Ship Advance its Agenda

3. U.S. Sailing

2B: Quest for the Coast Game App: Creating new perspectives in messaging by partnering with dissimilar organizations

2C: The Ethics of Marine Surveying

2D: The Respectful Workplace: Training your crew to prevent harassment

Focus Session 3

3A: Using Blind Spot Analysis to Steer Clear of Shoals You Never Imagined

3B: Anatomy of a Mid- Latitude Storm: Blue water or brown water, they affect us all

3C: From Crisis Communication to Crisis Conversation: Social Media during panic mode

Friday, February 6

Focus Session 4

4A: If You Build it, Will They Come? Marketing your tall ships® event

4B: Collaboration to Fulfill a Bold Vision: The 38th Voyage of the CHARLES W. MORGAN

4C: Taking the Crisis Out of Communication: A case study on Bounty, Facebook, and communities under duress in social media

4D: Youth Forum: A Teenager’s Guide to Sailing Tall Ships

Focus Session 5

5A: Jones Act Insurance- don’t cast off without it

5B: Creating Your Safety Management System

5C: Citizen Science On and Off the Water: Connecting your trainees and visitors to the sea and science through projects that make a difference

5D: Program Showcase

1. Oliver Hazard Perry RI

2. Coos Bay, Oregon

3. Brest 2016

Focus Session 6

6A: Tall Ships Entrepreneurs: Operator a for-profit vessel

6B: Secret to Winning Port of the Year

6C: Navigating the Regulatory Seas

6D: Tropical Blends: Lasting partnerships build on strength to optimize offerings


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