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Call for Presenters

Tall Ships America invites you to become involved in the 2016 Conference as a presenter. The Conference will be organized around five main topic areas:
Crew Training and Development
Ship’s Operations & Safety
Educational Programming/Marine Science
Tall Ships events and Port Organizers
Administration/Organizational Sustainability 

There will be scope for presentations on a wide variety of topics.  You are encouraged to be creative in thinking about other themes that will be stimulating, informative and engaging to an international group of sail training professionals and port event organizers.

GUIDELINES (these are very important!)

Session Information
The Conference will be divided into several focus sessions on each day. Some of those sessions will be repeated. Each focus session will last one hour and fifteen minutes. Speakers should jointly occupy not more than 45 – 55 minutes of the allotted time for each session, leaving 20 – 30 minutes for questions/discussions depending on the topic.  Sessions may include a single presenter, co-presenters or a small panel. Speakers should plan on making the session as interactive as possible. In previous conferences, the most successful and lauded sessions have included audience participation through discussion or activity.

Proposal Application Process
The Call for Presenters Form is below. Please submit via email to Lori Aguiar a short paragraph of 75 words or less describing your proposed session.  Your description must also include the following: a working title, the format you envision (panel, individual presenter, co-presenters or interactive workshop), your name, contact information (email and phone number) and that of any co-presenter.

Call for Presenters Form (PDF) – this fillable form must be completed and returned to

Deadline and Selection Process
The deadline for submitting proposals is October 30, 2015. The proposals will be reviewed by the Conference Steering committee and you will be notified of a decision no later than November 13. The committee is looking for sessions that are substantive, innovative and interactive, and relate to one or more of the five main topics listed above.

All presenters will be required to submit an electronic copy of the session. These will be posted on the Tall Ship America and Sail Training International websites after the conference. Please, no overt promotion of a specific company or product. If you will use handouts, plan on supplying 100 copies. 

We appreciate the valuable contributions that mariners, educators and administrators make by speaking at this conference. Presenters serve as volunteers and do not receive compensation.  Presenters may be considered for a reduced conference fee. This fee reduction does not apply to large panel participants.

We would like to hear from anyone who is interested in presenting at the Conference on the proposed topics, or on another topic.  Thank you for helping make this year’s conference informative and educational! We look forward to reading your proposal.


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