Living la Vida Loca

We are, by and large, a pretty lucky group of people. We get to travel all over the world and see amazing things that most people can only dream of.

We put kids on boats, blow their minds a little bit, hopefully create a passion for adventure and learning that will stay with them for the rest of their lives, and then do it all again the next day.

We are truly  lucky people and, dare I say, livin’ la vida loca. Because what we do is crazy! Crazy awesome! We spend weeks at a time, with a dozen other people, in all kinds of weather, on a boat that we have a deeper relationship with than most people in our lives. And we love it! And we want other people to love it, too!

Come to Quebec City and hang out with other people living la vida loca! Learn about what sail training organizations are doing in New Zealand and South Africa. Meet people from all over the world! Proposed sessions are on our website and there are crew grants available.  There will be dancing and general revelry. Join us!

Early registration ends on November 30th, and it’s also the last day to submit your nominations for this year’s sail training awards.


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