Focus Session: Storytelling through Events

Storytelling through events: How to build a narrative that
speaks to multiple audiences

Emily Smith, Head of Business Development and Content Strategist,  *no campfire required

Every business has a story to tell. A narrative that creates a long-lasting fun or interesting experience for your audience leads to brand loyalty. A great story will make your audience feel part of something special, which will bring them back to your products and services time and time again.
This session includes great advice on how to create that emotional connection to your audience. We’ll look at:
1. defining what makes your brand special
2. creating and implementing a cohesive narrative
3. finding ways to include your audience into your story

Emily Smith
Emily Smith

Emily Smith is the Head of Business Development and Content Strategist at *no campfire required. She oversees business development and day-to-day management including strategic partnerships and intellectual property. She’s also the Connector Geek for Geektropolis, *no campfire required’s proprietary story-driven geek community in Toronto.

Emily has worked in commercial management at the worldwide level, with broadcasters marketing the Olympic Games broadcast in their respective countries and organizing events like the IOC’s post-Vancouver 2010 host country broadcast debrief. She also managed the creation of the first-ever brand guidelines for Olympic Games broadcasters.

Emily learned to love telling stories at an early age, when she was known to walk down stairs with a book in her hand. Early on at the IOC, she got some great advice, to know where your audience spends their time and “fish where the fish are.” Working with the broadcasters, she learned to tell stories that reach a given audience where they are, using the most appropriate technology tool(s) available at any given time.



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