Focus Session: From Crisis Communication to Crisis Management

From Crisis Communication to Crisis Management – Social Media
During Panic Mode

Updated 2.9.2016

Kathleen Moore, Associate Professor, Mercyhurst University

From Crisis Communication to Crisis Conversation


Social media transcends the old boundaries set by the traditional media of radio, TV, and print during a time of crisis. Attendants will learn what constitutes a crisis in the digital space, creating a crisis plan for your social media platforms, and how to navigate the seemingly ubiquitous, global, 24/7 news cycle of Facebook and Twitter.

Kathleen Moore
Kathleen Moore

Kathleen is an Assistant Professor at the Tom Ridge School of Intelligence Studies at Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania. She teaches introduction to intelligence, analytical methods, business intelligence, and specializes in social media analysis and crisis communication in semantic environments. Kathleen’s doctoral dissertation focused on the social media activity surrounding the sinking of the HMS Bounty. In her free time, she is a crazy dog lady on Facebook, and when able, Kathleen is a volunteer deckhand and ship’s cook.

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