Focus Session: Safeguarding, Welfare and Safety of Trainees

Safeguarding, Welfare and Safety of Trainees

Updated 2.9.2016

Frankie Hartwell – Operations and Marketing Manager, Maybe Sailing
Travis Yates-Director of Operations and Marine Superintendent, Sea|mester

The practical implementation of safeguarding in your organization (PPT)

National Sail Training Organizations have a responsibility to ensure that their member vessels have a clear policy that defines the organization’s commitment to providing a safe environment for their trainees. Vessel operators have a duty of care to all who sail on board their vessels and have a responsibility to review their policies on a regular basis. This session will go through the areas and issues covered in Sail Training International’s Safeguarding, Welfare and Safety of Trainees Guidelines document and share ideas on how safeguarding policies can be developed in the future.

Frankie Hartwell
Frankie Hartwell

Frankie joined Maybe Sailing in September 2014 as Operations and Marketing Manager. A qualified teacher for 6 years, she joined the world of sail training, after seeing first-hand the effect it had on her own students. During her teaching career she took responsibility for child protection and is experienced in the implementation of safeguarding policies and the importance this has to any organisation working with young people. Not always a sailor, Frankie’s first passion was Rugby, representing her country until a career ending forced her to search for a new hobby.

Travis Yates
Travis Yates

Travis joined the Sea|mester team in 1995 having graduated from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy with a degree in Marine Engineering. Always a sailor, Travis competed at both national and international levels, culminating in a bid for the U.S. Olympic Sailing Team in 1996. Travis holds an MCA/IYT International Master of Ocean Yachts, US Coast Guard Captain’s License and is an Instructor Evaluator for US Sailing. He is also a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer. As Director of Operations and Marine Superintendent, Travis is responsible for day-to-day operations as well as all Sea|mester vessels and equipment.



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