Focus Session: Green Practices Showcase

Green Practices Showcase

Updated 2.9.2016

Captain Meghan Wren Briggs – Executive Director, Bayshore Center at Bivalve
Rachael Miller, Executive Director, Rozalia Project
Captain Allan Palmer –  Sustainable Seas Initiative, Tre Kronor

Green Practices Presentation (PPT)

This session will showcase three organizations who have incorporated marine environmental protection into the build, maintenance, and operation of their vessels. Participants will share green practices designed to protect our blue planet.
1. Rachael Miller- Rozalia Project, American Promise: The Greenest Sailing Research Vessel in the World
2. Meghan Wren Briggs- Bayshore Center at Bivalve, Schooner A J Meerwald
3. Allan Palmer- Sustainable Seas Initiative for the Baltic on the Tre Kronor of Stockholm

Captain Meghan Wren
Captain Meghan Wren

At 23 years old, Meghan E. Wren, Founder and Executive Director of Bayshore Center at Bivalve (BCB), amassed the financial, technical and human resources to restore the 1928 Delaware Bay oyster schooner, A.J. MEERWALD. Once restored, the MEERWALD was designated New Jersey’s official Tall Ship and each year the MEERWALD provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience for thousands of schoolchildren, connecting them with their environment, history and sense of place. With the MEERWALD as its flagship, the Bayshore Center at Bivalve, housed in the 1904 Bivalve Shipping Sheds, on the National Register of Historic Places, is home to the Delaware Bay Museum & Folklife Center, the Oyster Cracker Café and the Bayshore Gallery. BCB launches school-based and community programming, and hosts special events –including Delaware Bay Day, in its 24thyear and 2nd Fridays by the Bay every month.

 In 2013, to raise money and awareness about the lack of assistance for Sandy recovery for the people of the Bayshore, Meghan was the first person to swim the 13.1 miles across the Delaware Bay from Delaware to New Jersey. Among other awards, Meghan has been honored with an Historic Preservation Medal by the Daughters of the American Revolution, was inductedinto the Cumberland County Women’s Hall of Fame in 2012, the Society of Women Environmental Professionals (SWEP) Growing Great Women in the Garden State 2014 Awardee and a 2014 NJ Women in Wildlife Honoree. In 2015, Meghan was honored to receive the NJ State Federation of Women’s Clubs annual award. Meghan lives with her husband Jesse and son Delbay in Money Island on the Nantuxent Creek.

Captain Rachael Miller
Captain Rachael Miller

 Rachael Miller is the co-founder/Executive Director of Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean. As the Executive Director, Rachael leads the program in vision, program development, putting together a great team, partnerships and working toward achieving Rozalia Project’s mission of protecting the ocean. Rachael holds a USCG 50 ton Master’s license and captains the 60’sailing research vessel, American Promise, trains remotely operated vehicle pilots for VideoRay and is a member of the US Sailing Training Committee. Her academic background is in marine studies and underwater archaeology which she studied at Brown University. She lives in Vermont and loves to ski as much as sail.

Captain Alan Palmer
Captain Alan Palmer

 Grew up in Mariehamn on the Aland Islands in an environment dominated by both modern shipping and maritime history. Since the early 1980 I have been involved indifferent sailing ship projects, both restorations and new buildings, mainly traditional working ships. I have been working as captain on different traditional vessels since 1990. Today I am the master of the Tre Kronor of Stockholm, a newly built brig in which I was deeply involved from the planning stages. She is strictly traditional in lines, construction and rigging, but modern when it comes to safety and comfort. We sail both with young people, passengers and paying crew and we always carry trainees on board. Our main task is sailing for the Sustainable Seas Initiative in the Baltic, where we try to reach out to scientists, industry and the general public to make them aware of problems and suggest improvements for our marine environment.

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