Focus Session: Research into Sail Training and Related Experiential Education

Research into Sail Training and Related Experiential Education

Murray Henstock, Chair, Member Communications Working Group, Australian Sail Training Association
Lucy Gross, General Manager, ASTO

This session will explore the current and future landscape of research within the sail training community. It will begin with a summary of current international research and will be followed by an in-depth explanation of the current literature review and scoping study being conducted by the University College of London. The workshop will provide an opportunity to explore how the past, present and future research of both land and sea programs can be utilised to support operator endeavours. It will also provide an opportunity for operators to discuss the future direction of collaborative research or provide an insight into their own research and how it can support the international sail training.

Murray Henstock has been involved with sail training since 2000 and volunteers as Chair of the Member Communications Working Group for the Australian Sail Training Association. He is a full time high school science teacher seeking to inspire both teachers and students through adventurous learning and the outdoors. He participated as a steering group member for the STI Self Assessment Toolkit and collaborated with the University of Edinburgh for the study into the effects of sail training. Murray is the 2011 Volunteer of the Year and now serves Sail Training International as Trustee overseeing program development, research & the International Youth Council.

Lucy Gross
Lucy Gross

Lucy Gross took part in several Tall Ships races on board different vessels, and came back as watch leader & mate. The intention was that taking part in Tall Ships 2000 would get sail training ‘out of her system’ and she could then get a real job. This plan didn’t work. Lucy now sails as volunteer mate on board several UK sail training vessels. Her real job is as General Manager of ASTO.

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