Focus Session: Organizational Succession Planning and the ‘Founder’s Trap’

Organizational Succession Planning and the ‘Founder’s Trap’

Jennifer East, Founder, ONIDA Family Advisors Inc.
Rikk Butler, CEO, P&O
Captain Jan Miles, Pride of Baltimore II

Organizational Succession Planning and the “Founder’s Trap” (PPT)

This workshop will present the common traps organizations fall into when they fail to plan for generational change. The panel will outline best practices from the field of business and organizational succession planning. Specific strategies used by STI members will be identified for transitions in both administration and marine operations.

Jennifer East is the founder of ONIDA Family Advisors Inc, an advisory firm based in Toronto. Jennifer works with a select number of multi-generational business and financial families to assist them with the governance structures needed to manage generational transitions. She is a frequent speaker and workshop leader on issues of family governance and communication, next generation leadership development and diversity. She is a faculty member of the Family Firm Institute’s Global Education Network.  

Rikk Butler joined P&O as a deck cadet in 1979 serving on various ship types including the passenger ship SS Canberra during the Falklands war. He served as 3rd officer in container ships and sat his chiefs ticket in 1986. Rikk met TS Pelican in Sept 2014 and served on-board as volunteer, cooks assistant, assistant engineer and 2nd Officer. He was appointed as CEO in August 2015.

Captain Jan Miles
Captain Jan Miles


Captain Miles is a licensed ship’s master who has been with the Pride of Baltimore organization since 1981, when he joined as one of three rotating captains on the original Pride of Baltimore. He is a tall ship master with more than 35 years of experience as a professional sailor. His voyages have included five Atlantic Ocean crossings, as well as three Pacific voyages of 5,000 miles, each taking about 25 days. He has traversed the Saint Lawrence Seaway more than a dozen times. Captain Miles holds a USCG 500 Ocean Master License for Power and Sail, as well as numerous other certifications. Prior to joining Pride, Inc., Captain Miles served as master or mate aboard 15 vessels, including Lady Maryland, Californian, Bill of Rights, New Way, Alexandria, Brilliant and Clearwater. Along the way he also helped develop model sailing programs for youth at risk. His accomplishments and contributions to the tall ship sailing profession have been recognized both within and outside of the maritime community. In February 2013 Captain Miles was recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award by Tall Ships America.

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