Focus Session: Host Port Support for Sail Training

Host Port Support for Sail Training

Paul Thompson, Commercial Director, Sail Training International
Michael Byrne, Manager of Sail Training Ireland

Host Port Support for Sail Training (PPT)
Video Presentation

How can host ports help to promote the activity of sail training and support vessel operators and National Sail Training Organizations in filling voyage berths year-round? The host port marketing machine represents a huge opportunity to connect new audiences with sail training and establish new sources of trainee funding and recruitment. This session will explore the tangible steps that can be taken both during events and at other times, while also considering the ‘payback’ for the City. Speakers Research into Sail Training and Related Experiential Education

Paul Thompson is Commercial Director at Sail Training International. Paul has worked in business development and client management for more than 30 years. He spent eleven years as Sales Director with The Challenge Business – the organization behind the Global Challenge round the world yacht race. He has been involved in sail training since his first voyage as a trainee in the early 1980’s, he is also a volunteer skipper with a UK sail training charity.

Michael Byrne
Michael Byrne

Manager of Sail Training Ireland. He has been successful at securing E.U. Commission Youth Funding as a means of supporting trainees and developing effective educational programmes.

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