Focus Session: Marketing Sail Training

Marketing Sail Training

Sally Titmus, Communications Manager, Sail Training International
Michael Byrne, Manager, Sail Training Ireland

Last year, Sail Training International launched the Sail on Board campaign – an initiative to promote sail training at the Tall Ships® Races and beyond, to help fill berths and raise awareness of wider sail training opportunities. The first half of this session looks at the range of activities that took place, working with the vessel operators and NSTOs, and includes a short case study of marketing work by Sail Training Ireland. The second half of the session is a workshop exploring ideas on what else we can do, working together, to reach our target market and get more young people out sailing.

Sally Titmus is the communications and Marketing Manager, Sail Training internal, and an Accredited Practitioner with the UK Chartered Institute of Public Relations. She has a strong marketing and communications background that spans sport, youth development, community development, charity and the public sector. She has secured many awards for her publications, media and public relations work.

Michael Byrne pic copy
Michael Byrne
Michael Byrne is Manager of Sail Training Ireland. He has been successful at securing E.U. Commission Youth Funding as a means of supporting trainees and developing effective educational programs.
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