Focus Session: Recovery Under Sail

Recovery Under Sail

updated 2.9.2016

Stuart Plant, Phoenix Futures
Rob White, Rona Sailing Project

Recovery Under Sail: Rehabilitation Clients’ Experience of a Sail Training Voyage (PPT)

This session will look at a case study of a Round Britain Voyage aboard the gaff ketch Tectona and the compelling outcomes from the research paper. It will also cover the current Phoenix programme that has developed since the Tectona trip and the opportunities that exist for other vessel operators in the future.


Stuart Plant
Stuart Plant

Stuart Plant has been working in the substance misuse field for over 10 years and is currently the Service User Involvement Manager for Phoenix Futures. During this time he has worked to include sail training as part of the recovery programme. This initially began with the residential rehab clients however, more recently he has developed the project to include community based clients as well as young people. Stuart is a keen sailor and holds a Day Skipper RYA qualification, he also currently volunteers with the Rona Sailing Project as a Watch Officer. In 2012 Stuart came up the idea of sailing around Britain with clients from Phoenix Futures, as a result the Voyage of Recovery was born. Stuart has said that this has been one of his proudest professional moments as the Voyage of Recovery was able to offer over 100 clients the opportunity to experience sail training.

Rob White is a volunteer mate with the Rona Sailing Project and has enjoyed sailing with a range of client groups; young people, people with mental health problems, the visually impaired and people in recovery from drug and alcohol problems. He is particularly interest in sail training’s possible contribution to positive mental health.

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