Focus Session: Effective Youth Mentoring

Effective Youth Mentoring

Brian Holmen. Vice-Chairman of STI Youth Council
Michelle Ruttan, Sail Training Association Netherlands
Eva Costard, Secretary of STI Youth Council

Video Presentation

This workshop will be conducted by three experienced mentors from the Youth Council and will focus on youth mentoring youth and how youth mentors can benefit sail training. The workshop will cover the preparation, organization and realization of (international) sailing trips that need mentoring by and for youth. Three segments will include the mentors role, the responsibility of sail training programs to develop future mentors and how to integrate sail training programs. The presenting mentors will draw from past experiences and best practices and encourage open discussion.

Brian Holmen is the Vice-Chairman of the Sail Training International Youth Council. He has been involved in the North American and International sail training communities for eight years. He has served in mentoring roles within the Los Angeles Maritime Institute, Tall Ships America, and on special projects for Sail Training International.

Michelle Ruttan developed her passion for sail training having sailed on board the Clipper Stad Amsterdam. She works with Sail Training Association Netherlands and has organized international exchange voyages. Michelle recently started with Martime School in Enkhuizen, Netherlands, and hopes to become a captain one day.

Eva Costard is the German representative and Secretary of the STI Youth Council. She is a crew member on board the STV Alexander von Humboldt and assists Sail Training Association Germany with the organization of their youth programs. She has mentored an international youth exchange on board the Dutch barquentine Thalassa.

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