Focus Session: Trainee Placement by Host Ports

Trainee Placement by Host Ports

Rikke Dahl Jensen, Project Coordinator, The Tall Ships® Races 2015 Aalborg
Paul Thompson, Commercial Director, Sail Training International
Jonathan Cheshire, Trustee, Sail Training International
Mirjam Postuma, Co-owner, Gulden Leeuw and Hendrika Barelds

The Tall Ships Races 2015 Aalborg-Trainee Placement (PPT)

Host ports are encouraged to find, fund and place trainees on vessels participating in tall ships events which visit their city. This session will focus on the placement process and will explore the many factors which have to be taken into consideration, including vessel type, trainee welfare, voyage cost and trainee preference. The session will include a case study from a host port which placed 155 young people across 20 vessels during The Tall Ships Races 2015. It will also include a vessel operator’s perspective.

Rikke Dahl Jensen
Rikke Dahl Jensen

The Tall Ships Races have been held with great success in Aalborg in 1999, 2004 and 2010 and the race returned to Aalborg for The Tall Ships Races 2015 with Aalborg as the finishing port.
As an event coordinator at Aalborg Events, Rikke has been part of the team since 2004. In addition to The Tall Ships Races, Rikke has worked on numerous events in culture, sports and other fields as a project coordinator. Rikke holds a master degree in language and intercultural communication.

Paul has worked in business development and client management for more than 30 years. He has been involved in sail training since his first voyage as a trainee in the early 1980’s, he is also a volunteer skipper with a UK sail training charity.

Jonathan Cheshire is an enthusiastic and committed exponent of social inclusion, lifelong learning, and economic development. From 1989-1996 he was director of Ocean Youth Club, which at that time was Europe’s largest sail training organization. He is a trustee of Sail Training International, and the Association of Sail Training Organizations (ASTO).

Mirjam Postuma is co-owner of Tall Ship Gulden Leeuw and Hendrika Barelds. Operating these vessels enables her to combine her passion for communication and sail training.

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