Focus Session: Accident Analysis-Using Case Studies for Crew Training

Accident Analysis-Using Case Studies for Crew Training

Captain Jonathan Kabak, Director, Marine Operations for USMMA Foundation
Captain Pedro Poenca Mendes, Director of Aporvela, Portuguese Sail Training Association
Commander Michael Simbulan, United States Coast Guard

Accident investigations are undertaken not only to determine fault, but also cause, in the name of improving maritime safety. The findings included in these reports are intended to keep mariners from making the same mistakes twice, however they are often relegated to gathering dust on a bookshelf. They are an underutilized resource outside of Bridge Resource Management classes and other STCW training. This will be a workshop on maximizing the value of maritime casualty reports for use in crew training. We will discuss the process of incident investigation and how to facilitate crew discussions to highlight relevance to their own experiences on-board.

Captain Jonathan Kabak
Captain Jonathan Kabak

A native of New York City, Captain Jonathan Kabak has had a diverse career in the Maritime Industry. Since starting as a young volunteer at South Street Seaport Museum he has sailed on Tall Ships, Oceanographic Research Vessels, Workboats, High Performance Race Boats, and Academy Training Ships. He holds a 1600ton Ocean Masters License for Steam, Motor and Auxiliary Sail vessels.  A graduate of Franklin Pierce College, with a Bachelor of Arts in History, with a concentration in education, Jonathan’s career in sail training has focused on the development of marine education and nautical science programs for all ages.  Currently he serves as the Director of Sail Training at the United States Merchant Marine Academy.  Where in addition to supervising training at the Academy’s Waterfront, he coordinates the SOLAS curriculum and recently served as Master of school’s Flagship T/S KINGS POINTER.  Jonathan also works as a consultant, developing and delivering STCW and Maritime Safety curriculum and providing marine operations services.  He is a member of Tall Ships Americas’ Board of Directors, where he serves on the Ship Operations and Safety, and Membership Committees.  He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife Jennifer and daughter Olivia all of whom are members of Tall Ships America.

Captain Pedro Proenca Mendes
Captain Pedro Proenca Mendes


Pedro Proenca Mendes is a Captain on active duty in the Portuguese Navy. He has sailed all of his life and has been a trainee on Sagres, Polar and Vega. Pedro is a navigation specialist with service on Sagres, frigates, for the Lighthouse Authority and the Hydrographic Office. He was the Captain of Sagres from Nov 2007 to May 2011. Pedro is a Director at Aporvela, the Portuguese Sail Training Association.

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