Education Forum: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

 “Mirror, Mirror on the wall”: Understanding and developing the role of facilitated self-reflection in sail-training programs.

This workshop strives to bridge the all too common gap between theory and practice. We’ll begin by establishing the philosophical and academic groundwork that encourages us to establish facilitated self-reflection. We’ll move into a combination of small and large group discussion using experiences from the room as well as pulling from other experiential education industries to establish what is currently being done. Participants will be encouraged to take part in activities that can either be used by themselves or as stepping stones for further reflection activity development. Lastly, we’ll take a look forward to better understand how we can better utilize self-reflection activities to achieve the goals we so strongly believe in and to understand what factors may be holding us back.

Presented by
Dan McKenzie, Los Angeles Maritime Institute

Captain Dan McKenzie
Captain Dan McKenzie

I am currently the captain of the Brigantine Exy Johnson of the Los Angeles Maritime Institute (LAMI). I’ve been sailing professionally for over 7 years originally engrossed by the sailing but progressively becoming more interested by the educational programs.  Due to this shift of interests (I still very much enjoy the sailing to be clear), I began my masters degree for experiential education from Minnesota State University in the fall of 2015 in order to make my teaching more intentional and productive. My time with LAMI has allowed me to explore some of my educational ideas including how to best implement reflective practices and combining holistic sail training with STEM curriculum requirements.


Updated 12.20.2016





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