Focus Session: Bound for Cuba

Bound for Cuba: Challenges and Opportunities for sail training programs voyaging to the Pearl of the Antilles


Chris Nolan
Richard Bailey

More and more US vessels are considering including Cuba in their Caribbean itineraries. Panelists Phineas Sprague (schooner Harvey Gamage), Capt. Richard Bailey (schooner Spirit of South Carolina), and Capt. Chris Nolan (Corwith Cramer and Robert C. Seamans) will present current information about the many political, bureaucratic and logistical hurdles and procedures that face US vessels sailing to Cuba. They will also describe their experiences and discoveries regarding about where to go, what to do, and what kind of learning and cultural opportunities are to be found in this relatively isolated island nation.

Presented by
Captain Phineas Sprague, Harvey Gamage
Captain Richard Bailey, Spirit of South Carolina
Captain Chris Nolan, Corwith Cramer and Robert C. Seamans


Captain Chris Nolan
Captain Chris Nolan


Chris Nolan commanded two Coast Guard cutters and served as Navigator of USCGC Barque EAGLE from 2008-2010. After his Coast Guard career, he began a civilian career with Sea Education Association as Assistant Professor of Nautical Science and Captain of SSV Corwith Cramer and SSV Robert C. Seamans.  He holds a USCG 1600 GRT ocean master’s license, a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine/Environmental Science, and a Master’s Degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Administration. Additionally he is the co-author of the most recent version of Eagle Seamanship: A Manual for Square Rigger Sailing.  He lives in Alameda, California.







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