Focus Session: Navigating the Regulatory Seas

Navigating the Regulatory Seas

NAVREGSEAS is the annual briefing on regulatory issues provided by Tall Ships America’s Ship Operations and Safety Committee.  This year’s presentation will have updates on upcoming changes to the EPA Vessel General Permit, and then focus primarily on the latest changes to licensure requirements for both Domestic and International Endorsements.  With December 31st, 2016 marking the end of a major grandfathering period for STCW requirements, we will highlight the current pathways for license advancement and discuss gap closing measures that members can take to maintain their credentials.  Mariners beginning their sea service after March 24th, 2014 have additional training requirements which could present a significant impediment to advancement.  We will discuss alternative assessment options and the potential for a Tall Ships America sponsored solution.

Presented by
Captain Jonathan Kabak, Director, Marine Operations for USMMA Foundation
Representative from USCG HQ Mariner Credentialing Office



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